• Deutsche Bank to pilot new way for Europeans to buy airline tickets online – no card needed – by end-2018; supported by PSD2 and forthcoming fast payments system, TIPS

  • An ‘old product’ can do new tricks: Splitit brings credit purchases to American debit cardholders: targets millennials who prefer debit to credit cards

  • Fast paymen...

27 Apr 2018


  • ASX releases consultation paper outlining scope and implementation timetable of DLT system to replace CHESS; submissions due 22 June 2018

  • Estimated go-live between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021

  • Is DLT gaining momentum as a credible technology for post-trade services?...

18 Apr 2018

  • Bank of England anticipates ‘wider access’ to RTGS Settlement Accounts will increase competition and innovation in payments, and promote financial stability

  • Early step in Bank of England’s RTGS Renewal Programme, designed to improve strength, resiliency, flexibility and promote innovation in RTGS

  • UK and Australian regimes both su...

10 Apr 2018

  • Pigzbe announces first cryptocurrency ‘piggy wallet’ for children to receive, save and spend pocket money

  • Gamified digital money apps for kids are emerging to teach digital financial literacy in an increasingly less-cash world

  • Children are ‘traditional users’ of cash, so could these apps accelerate declining cash use?

Source: B...

4 Apr 2018

  • Productivity Commission recommends Payments System Board ban all card interchange fees, by mid-2019

  • Reserve Bank conducted extensive Review of Card Payments Regulation over 2015/16; new interchange standards came into force on 1 July 2017

  • International experience highlights that bans on interchange can have unintended consequence...

9 Feb 2018


  • WhatsApp the latest entrant to Indian mobile payments market, joining Google and Paytm

  • Mobile payments continue to shift from prepaid e-wallets to UPI apps

  • UPI infrastructure similar to NPP; perhaps an opportunity for a QR code-based NPP merchant overlay service

Source: TechCrunch

Point of View

WhatsApp launched person-to-person...

  • Open Banking in the UK launches, as PSD2 regulations enter into force, on 13 January; however, six of nine UK banks not ready

  • UK consumer watchdog reports 92 per cent of consumers unaware of ‘open banking’

  • Treasury-commissioned independent Review report due out soon; what could the Australian open-banking framework look like?


9 Jan 2018


  • Google Pay, the new streamlined brand for paying with Google, in store, online and in-app

  • Is it a grab for market share from Apple and Amazon?

  • Could the changing regulatory environment entice the tech giant further into financial services in Australia?

Source: TechCrunch

Point of View

Google Pay is the new streamlined brand for a...

5 Jan 2018


  • People’s Bank of China regulates QR code payment processors, including Ant Financial and Tencent

  • Could the rules and a new product from UnionPay foster NFC growth in China? And perhaps change how Chinese travellers expect to pay?

  • QR code payments unlikely in Australia, except under certain circumstances – maybe?

Source: Reuters


28 Dec 2017


  • WeChat and Guangzhou government issue virtual national identity cards, to replace physical cards

  • Requires a user to validate themselves through the WeChat app, using facial recognition

  • What are the possible lessons for a digital identity framework in Australia?

Source: China News

Point of View

The latest foray by WeChat is into p...

13 Dec 2017

  • Card schemes to drop signature requirement for EMV cards in North America, from April 2018; schemes say biometric and EMV technology could limit any fraud rise

  • Biometric authentication could improve both convenience and security of online and mobile payments

  • Privacy a major consideration when implementing biometric frameworks


8 Dec 2017


  • Cryptocurrencies surge, authorities crack down, central banks consider issuing own currencies

  • Myriad ‘real world’ blockchain use cases emerge: ASX & SWIFT post-trade services, B2B cross-border payments, blockchain smartphone

  • Have we reached a tipping point with blockchain technology?

Source: BBC

Point of View

Cryptocurrencies hav...

6 Dec 2017

  • nanopay announces new B2B service: Canada-US cross-border and domestic payments

  • Solves for B2B friction: instant transfers, lower fees, more transparency, open API, ISO 20022

  • Could NPP provide opportunities for a similar service in the future?

Source: GlobeNewswire

Point of View

Canadian fintech firm, nanopay, has announced new...

  • Consumer Data Right to be legislated in Australia: Government accepts Productivity Commission recommendation

  • Customer consent will be a key issue in the development of an open banking framework

  • Can lessons be learned from Europe and UK open-banking experiences? 

Source: PMC

Point of View

As we experience a paradigm shift across t...

23 Nov 2017


  • Starling Bank cardholders accrue loyalty rewards with Yoyo just by using their card; other banks’ customers must instead use the Yoyo app at the point of sale

  • Customers collect loyalty rewards and make purchases seamlessly through the Yoyo app, by presenting their dynamic QR code to merchants for scanning

  • In Australia, Stocard is...

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