• Deutsche Bank to pilot new way for Europeans to buy airline tickets online – no card needed – by end-2018; supported by PSD2 and forthcoming fast payments system, TIPS

  • An ‘old product’ can do new tricks: Splitit brings credit purchases to American debit cardholders: targets millennials who prefer debit to credit cards

  • Fast paymen...

10 Apr 2018

  • Pigzbe announces first cryptocurrency ‘piggy wallet’ for children to receive, save and spend pocket money

  • Gamified digital money apps for kids are emerging to teach digital financial literacy in an increasingly less-cash world

  • Children are ‘traditional users’ of cash, so could these apps accelerate declining cash use?

Source: B...

9 Feb 2018


  • WhatsApp the latest entrant to Indian mobile payments market, joining Google and Paytm

  • Mobile payments continue to shift from prepaid e-wallets to UPI apps

  • UPI infrastructure similar to NPP; perhaps an opportunity for a QR code-based NPP merchant overlay service

Source: TechCrunch

Point of View

WhatsApp launched person-to-person...

9 Jan 2018


  • Google Pay, the new streamlined brand for paying with Google, in store, online and in-app

  • Is it a grab for market share from Apple and Amazon?

  • Could the changing regulatory environment entice the tech giant further into financial services in Australia?

Source: TechCrunch

Point of View

Google Pay is the new streamlined brand for a...

28 Dec 2017


  • WeChat and Guangzhou government issue virtual national identity cards, to replace physical cards

  • Requires a user to validate themselves through the WeChat app, using facial recognition

  • What are the possible lessons for a digital identity framework in Australia?

Source: China News

Point of View

The latest foray by WeChat is into p...

13 Dec 2017

  • Card schemes to drop signature requirement for EMV cards in North America, from April 2018; schemes say biometric and EMV technology could limit any fraud rise

  • Biometric authentication could improve both convenience and security of online and mobile payments

  • Privacy a major consideration when implementing biometric frameworks


  • Consumer Data Right to be legislated in Australia: Government accepts Productivity Commission recommendation

  • Customer consent will be a key issue in the development of an open banking framework

  • Can lessons be learned from Europe and UK open-banking experiences? 

Source: PMC

Point of View

As we experience a paradigm shift across t...

23 Nov 2017


  • Starling Bank cardholders accrue loyalty rewards with Yoyo just by using their card; other banks’ customers must instead use the Yoyo app at the point of sale

  • Customers collect loyalty rewards and make purchases seamlessly through the Yoyo app, by presenting their dynamic QR code to merchants for scanning

  • In Australia, Stocard is...

7 Nov 2017


  • Users able to make P2P payments through Apple iMessages

  • Payments made via an be made via the Apple Pay virtual card, with funds transferred through card network

  • Is Apple serious about payments or simply looking to expand its device market share by offering more features?

Source: Techcrunch

Point of View

Apple has released Apple P...

  • Facebook expands into payments, partnering with PayPal, joining Visa Digital Enablement Program and offering food ordering service

  • Intention to keep users on Facebook and increase advertising revenues, rather than process payments itself

  • Having been granted a patent for P2P in Australia, could Facebook roll out payment services h...

20 Oct 2017


  • JP Morgan Chase – largest merchant acquirer in US – and Alipay have partnered, merchants can now accept Alipay

  • Expansion into the US part of Alipay’s strategic plan to follow Chinese tourists overseas

  • 1.2 million Chinese visitors to Australia annually, does that present an opportunity to expand Alipay acceptance here?

Source: P...

18 Sep 2017

  • Google launches app that uses non-NFC contactless POS technology

  • In Cash Mode, smartphones 'talk to each other' using ultrasonic sounds to send payments without exchanging personal information, including PIN

  • Account-to-account transfers via interbank infrastructure rails, rather than a mobile wallet

Source: Google India Blog


29 Jun 2017

  • Kenyan Treasury issues low-value mobile-only government bonds: encourage savings, cheaper funding, financial inclusion

  • Mobile phones have enabled financial inclusion in China

  • Could there be an opportunity to improve financial inclusion in Australia?

Source: The Economist


12 Jun 2017

  • Bank-owned Early Warning launches Zelle, its in-app real-time P2P payment service, in the US

  • Apple introduces P2P payments within iMessage

Sources: Techcrunch; The Verge

Point of View

Mobile P2P payments are not new. Since 2015, Facebook has been providing such a service through Messenger, via linked Visa or MasterCard...

6 Jun 2017


  • UnionPay launches its QR code payment solution, QuickPass QR Code, to compete with WeChat Pay and Alipay in China

  • Plans to expand internationally, including to Australia

  • Could Australian merchants adopt QR code technology to serve Chinese visitors?

Source: Finextra


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